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Released: 18th June 2001.

The big ballad hit of the summer? Well it certainly has the potential to become that. It starts out carefully, but builds up to a typical "big soundtrack ballad" at the end. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it is a bit predictable. Faith is a superb singer though, and the song is great, so for all of you out there who want a new super ballad, the waiting is over!

* * * * (Jens Ingvarsson)

In each of the last three years, there has been one song which, stayed in the chart for what seemed like an eternity. Remember LeAnn Rimes's "How Do I Live"? Shania's "That Don't Impress Me Much"? How about Lonestar's "Amazed"? All unforgettable. All country. Could this be the big country hit for 2001? Faith Hill's previous best was with "This Kiss" back in 1998, but she disappeared before a return this year. This song sees her trying to be Celine Dion - rather like "Pearl Harbour", from which this is taken, tries to be "Titanic".

* * * (matthew_dixon)

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