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Released: 25th June 2001.

Gorillaz - 19-2000After the phenomenal success that was "Clint Eastwood", which was amazing both in its original and garage-mixed versions, they've done the same again - and this time it's even better. It would be hard to find a funkier single released so far this year. With the hypnotic "It's the music that we choose" in the background, they have produced another masterpiece. Whilst Christina & co Vs Hear'Say will be the talking point of the week, this might just take third place.

* * * * * (matthew_dixon)

Following the eventually repetitive "Clint Eastwood", the virtual Damon Albarn-centered project that is Gorillaz returns to herald the start of summer. The initially distorted "It's the music that we choose" riff suggests you're in for a corker, and the rest of the track doesn't fail to disappoint, particularly when the hook returns later on. The monkey link continues with the bizarre, if not nonsensical lyrics of the verses, but the musical brilliance carries it nonetheless.

* * * * (Simon Owen)

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