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Released: 25th June 2001.

Hear'Say - The Way To Your LoveNow that the cameras are gone and their TV series is over, can the five Popstars make it on their own? Of course they can! "The Way To Your Love" picks up right where "Pure And Simple" left off. This ballad is the second track on their multi-platinum album and is sure to be a big seller itself. The harmonies and vocals blend well together, and combine to make the perfect single. Fingers crossed that Hear'Say can manage a second No. 1 single, and possibly break another sales record.

* * * * * (JamesCarter)

They're back - and the charts better watch out. "Pure And Simple" invaded our ears as an infectious pop tune, and there's no surprises that the follow up is of a similar quality; perfectly harmless, but don't expect any great enlightenment. This is another mid-tempo, mainstream effort, concentrating on relationships and how those involved can triumph over adversity if they're really meant to - but hang on, haven't we heard this somewhere before?

* * * * (Simon Owen)

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