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Released: 2nd July 2001.

Damage - So What If IAlready on the fourth single from their excellent sophomore album, Damage keep coming up with classy, soulful songs. This one has summer hit written all over it, and includes a fantastic video. When it comes to good R&B tunes, Damage show that they can do them just as well, if not better, than their US counterparts.

* * * * * (Angie Berg)

A slightly surprising choice for the fourth single from "Since You've Been Gone" - I was expecting an upbeat number or one of the more "obvious" ballads - but the track has been given a sharper beat and some slight re-vocalling. The video, another fun one, also has a Mis-Teeq style "speed-up-to-the-remix" section, so the boys could include yet another of the tight dance routines they're becoming famed for. Might not score too highly in the charts, but as ever from Damage, a good song, sung well.

* * * (Janet Valentine)

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