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Released: 2nd July 2001.

Jessica Simpson - IrresistibleMore like Britney than ever, Jessica Simpson shakes off the innocence of her last album to emerge with the title track from her second LP "Irresistible". To be honest we've heard it all before, but as far as this sound goes, it's not a bad effort! What does make it a must-buy is the So So Def remix featuring Lil' Bow Wow. Yet another re-working of the Luniz hit "I Got 5 On It", this style suits Miss Simpson's voice and shoots her into the realms of Mariah status.

* * * * (CJB)

No, this is not a re-make of the old Cathy Dennis single, but is the first single from Jessica Simpson's second album. The title track sees Jessica with an edgier, more mature sound and even has her sounding very Britney in parts of the song. Already doing very well over in the US, with two versions showing on MTV, I'm sure that it will do just as well in the UK.

* * * * (Jasen Rian)

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