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Released: 25th July 2005.

Deep Dish - George Is OnSo, we all know "Flashdance", the hugely successful dance anthem, and by now we know a couple of other singles possibly, but does the album really match up?

When I first heard "Say Hello", I felt it was a somewhat weak track compared to the might of "Flashdance", and it's sad when listening to the album to see that it rather stands out as the obvious second single, as the other tracks rather badly blend into one. It's pleasant enough stuff, and would fit nicely to any good chill out bar, but it's really not something you'd actively choose to sit down and listen to - unless you were writing a review about it!

The album is highly instrumental and very trippy at times, and certainly it has been well produced. However, the lack of any noteable tunes makes this album totally fail to stand out from the crowd. Best just to stick to the singles on Deep Dish.

* * (matthew_dixon)

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