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Released: 9th July 2001.

Too big to be a Popstar? I don't think so! Claire has a much stronger and powerful voice than anyone else in Hear'Say, and it's a good thing she's going it alone. The single "Free" is about her experience on the Popstars TV show, which of course launched Hear'Say. It's a great uptempo dance number and could easily be a big hit for her.

* * * * * (JamesCarter)

So Claire from Popstars was rejected for being too fat? (Sorry, "didn't have the right image for the band".) Maybe the judges will realise their mistake and regret the day they told her that, because this is a lovely slice of music, and a perfect showcase for the vocal talent she displayed on the show. Hear'Say Shmear'Say, Claire rocks!

* * * * (Chris Wells)

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