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Released: 15th May 2006.

KT Tunstall - Acoustic Extravaganza (CD/DVD)Made available only through her website to people on her mailing list, KT Tunstall brings us a live DVD/CD package of sorts, entitled "Acoustic Extravaganza", which, surprisingly enough, isn't actually a live concert from her recent tour, oh no.

Instead, it is an interesting live CD/DVD combo that was recorded entirely in a little cottage on the Isle Of Skye last Christmas with her and her band. The CD has all the hits on it in live, acoustic form - "Black Horse & The Cherry Tree", "Other Side Of The World" and "Suddenly I See" to name but a few.

The DVD then brings an hour long documentary about how the album was recorded plus extra footage and outtakes, and the videos for all her singles are on here too. If you've never experienced KT Tunstall live before, I suggest strongly that you invest in this - if you can track down a copy on eBay or suchlike.

* * * * (Alex MacGregor)

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