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Released: 9th July 2001.

*N Sync - PopAfter six months away from the charts, the *N Sync boys have returned with this fantastic, funky pop tune. The bassline's thumping, the vocals really slick and it's nice to see a boy band doing something different for a change. No doubt the likes of A1 and O-Town will be doing similar funky songs some time soon.

* * * * * (Malcolm Mclean)

"Pop" is the first single from *N Sync's forthcoming new album "Celebrity". They've tried too hard to sound different on this song, but there's nothing they can do, they will always end up sounding the same. As with all their previous singles, this is just annoying. Is it me or do three of their band members NEVER sing in any of their songs?

* * (Ofer Timor)

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