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Released: 9th July 2001.

Robbie Williams - Eternity / The Road To MandalayPeople just can't seem to get enough of the Chambers/Williams writing team. Personally I think both songs are average, and though they are well sung, it's becoming boring. Let Robbie write a song entirely on his own (if he can) and see what happens. It could be brilliant or it could be diabolical. Either way, it would be more interesting than this. Another sure-fire hit, but it wouldn't be if anyone else was singing it.

* * * (Melissa Baines)

No, no and no again. Robbie is annoying, wastes his talent making appalling records and then tries to be funny. I don't find it funny. I just think he produces bad records (such as the awful "Rock DJ"), and this continues the trend in his inimitable (thank goodness) style of badness... if you know what I mean?

* (Chris Wells)

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