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Released: 8th May 2006.

The Beautiful South - ManchesterIf there's one thing that sums up the UK, it's rain. We talk about the weather all the time. Why? Well, because it rains so much. Indeed, you could say it's what makes Britain 'great'. Now, if there's one city you think of as particularly rainy, I guess it would be Manchester, and so comes the idea for this song. Clearly, if Britain is 'great' then Manchester is 'greater', and those who know their geography will know that to be true. Anyway, the Beautiful South are back with another very pleasant piece of music complete with some absolutely brilliant lyrics. They've moved on from saying how bad they are - now they're saying how bad the whole country is!

* * * * (matthew_dixon)

"If rain makes Britain great, then Manchester is greater!" Yet another classic line from Paul Heaton and his motley crew of northern soul. However, the music is bland and unoriginal, and the vocals are hardly intriguing. Since they haven't had a proper big hit since 1998 (and probably never will again), I can see it suffer in the Top 75. Still, it's better than that awful covers album they brought out in 2004.

* * (goodkingburger)

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