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Released: 6th March 2006.

Delays - You See ColoursBack with their second album, Delays have progressed from the dark electronica of their debut and matured into a frosty, more organic sound for their follow up.

Complete with the ever-recognisable falsetto, still containing the key electronic sounds, and enough tempo changes to throw at Franz Ferdinand, it's an indie album dressed in pop clothes, and it doesn't disapoint.

Lead single "Valentine" is a thumping, energetic example of what to expect from the rest of the album. Opener "You & Me" is a less extravigant, more melodic song, with a glossy chorus and just that little bit of sentiment.

Elsewhere, the album has a consistence of catchy, solid pop songs, with the stylish "Hideaway", and the sweet "This Towns Religion".

It's an album not fit for the taste of everyone, but past fans of the band will not find themselves disapointed, and it may just take advantage of the new indie wave.

* * * * (Twixy)

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