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Released: 23rd July 2001.

O-Town - All Or NothingWhilst Hear'Say's second single effectively failed in comparison to their first, US TV manufactured group O-Town really deserve to do much better with this than they did with the lukewarm "Liquid Dreams". Sometimes a ballad is released that really moves you in places you never knew you could be. This is very nearly at that level, the best ballad Westlife never released.

* * * * (matthew_dixon)

They might be the ultimate in manufactured groups (being the US equivalent of Hear'Say), but O-Town are trying very hard not to be pigeon-holed, following up their upbeat debut "Liquid Dreams" with a 'big ballad'. It could almost be described as Bon Jovi-ish if it had a little more attack - perhaps something they'll develop with experience. Should be a big hit, especially if the nation is in the mood for a mass arm-sway!

* * * (Janet Valentine)

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