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Released: 30th July 2001.

Geri Halliwell - Scream If You Wanna Go FasterFollowing the powerful cover of "It's Raining Men", Geri continues her unique, uplifting style. This, the title track to her current album, is very original, and she manages to pull off another instant hit. With her ever-expanding fanbase, this is sure to be top of the chart by the end of the week.

* * * * (Matt Wilson)

Geri's first album was, in the main, pretty good pop, and her book made fascinating reading. If only she'd quit while she was ahead. The title track from her second album is pretty dreary, which makes it blend in well with the rest. No doubt the cleavage shots in the video will bump this up a few chart places, possibly just inside the Top 10.

* * (Omen)

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