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Released: 30th July 2001.

Janet Jackson - Someone To Call My LoverAs her colleagues crumble under the pressures of celebrity, Janet continues her clean-cut R&B phase with a record that features not one, but two samples. An infectious guitar riff, from America's Ventura Highway, is looped throughout, while the chorus' second tune, from one of Satie's "Gymnopodies", continues the trend of blending classical with pop. Catchy and inoffensive, this record allows Janet to maintain her present style of giving the kids a nice tune to hum. And does it well.

* * * * (Simon Owen)

Not one of the shining tracks from Janet's album, and not what I'd have picked for the second single. Even listening to Jermaine Dupri's So So Def remix, one of my favourite remixers can't make this track any better than average. "All For You" was just a fantastic song which makes this more disappointing. But hey, she looks great in the video as usual, and I have tickets to see her in December, so she gets a few bonus points.

* * * (Omen)

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