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Released: 5th June 2006.

Baddiel, Skinner & The Lightning Seeds - 3 LionsCan you believe it? This is the FOURTH release of this song. Each time it's released it hits the Top 20, and in my opinion, it'll do it again. If you didn't buy it on its previous releases, buy it this time around, as it's clearly England's best footie song. If you have bought it before, buy it again, because this time it's released as a dualdisc. It has both the original and 1998 versions on the audio side, AND it has both the original and 1998 videos on the DVD side. Everybody now: "Three lions on a shirt..."

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What's the point? Seriously now, it was a classic in 1996, and it was reworked well in 1998. However, if you're going to release it in 2006, at least give it some new lyrics, eh? Maybe a "40 years of hurt"? But no, they're just re-releasing the 1998 version. Gazza wasn't "Good as before" back then, let alone now, and I hardly think Shearer is "certain to score" as he's just retired from football! Pointless cash in.

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