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Released: 19th June 2006.

Liberty X - XThey've been on and off the scene since the release of relative flop "Everybody Cries" two years ago. In a bit of a dashed attempt to try and get their album of the same name higher up the UK Top 200, Liberty X return with a song that is their best since, well, "Just A Little". It's got a distinctly Pussycat Dolls/Black Eyed Peas feel, and the video is very cool too. This will probably send them back into the Top 10 with a bit of luck.

* * * * (Alex MacGregor)

Whatever happened to stories that Liberty X were calling it a day with a greatest hits CD? So why on earth are they still churning out lukewarm R&B? On first listen, this single sounds like a great idea for a big comeback - it's catchy, the production is solid, and the sound is quite futuristic. It's only when you dig deeper into the track you realise it's the same 'futuristic' we were calling their songs five years ago, while the lyrics are so lazy and clichéd you can guess the next line without knowing it. It really is time they just gave up.

* * * (SholasBoy)

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