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Released: 29th May 2006.

Oakenfold feat. Brittany Murphy - Faster Kill PussycatBack in 2002, DJ Paul Oakenfold decided to take a different route with the release of his album "Bunkka". A totally leftfield piece of work, it mixed an eclectic bunch of guests vocalists such as Nelly Furtado, Tricky, Asher D and Keisha White. Fast forward four years, and he's mastered yet another down right dirty sound in the form of this furious release, "Faster Kill Pussycat". Continuing to break down barriers, he's brought American actress Brittany Murphy in to provide vocals. Unique as ever, Oakey's forthcoming album "Lively Mind" promises guests including Pharrell Williams and living legend Grandmaster Flash. This track is dark, sexy and anything but subtle.

* * * * * (SholasBoy)

A change in style for Oakey, who seems to be following the footsteps of Deep Dish and the Bodyrockers. "Faster Kill Pussycat", the first single from his forthcoming album, is full of filthy guitar riffs with the almost obligatory full female vocal on top for crossover appeal. Well, the formula works once again, as the result is a very energetic and addictive dance tune. The single comes with various remixes, but the one to watch out for is the Roman Hunter mix, which uses less vocals and nice key changes, while remaining quite faithful to the original.

* * * * (grybop)

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