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Released: 13th August 2001.

Single number four from the album "Not That Kind", and Anastacia's vocals are no less powerful. This is a great upbeat song, featured on the current Honda car advert, but maybe not the best choice for a single (I would have preferred to see "Yo Trippin'" or "I Ask of You" being released). There hasn't been much airplay, so I'm going to stick my neck out and say a Top 40 entry is unlikely (though it deserves to go Top 5!)

* * * * * (Richie Clarke)

This is easily one of the best songs on Anastacia's album. It has a catchy chorus, the vocals are absolutely outstanding (as you'd expect from Anastacia), and I think this should shoot into the Top 10. If you're reading this right now, I suggest you go straight down to your local music store and buy this single!

* * * * * (Alex Hulse)

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