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Released: 13th August 2001.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor's sort of follow up to last year's "Groovejet", this almost manages to be as good. Another great summery feel to another nice single. Nothing special, nothing all that groundbreaking, but all the same, a catchy song by a woman who's managed to reinvent herself almost on a par with Madonna.

* * * * (Tom Hall)

After modest success as part of an indie band, and a No. 1 smash as a dance singer, where do you go? Well, this sounds much more Spiller than theaudience, which should give her some success. The main reason this will do well, however, is that she has done such phenomenal publicity, even more than Five, who are largely expected to top the chart. The tune itself is somewhat average fare, but is nevertheless pleasant enough.

* * * (matthew_dixon)

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