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Released: 10th July 2006.

Shayne Ward - Stand By MeOh, Shayne. You're not making credibility easy are you? Aside from eight-year-olds, the odd middle-aged woman and a pocket of early twenties gay men, nobody is really likely to listen to this track and be genuinely pulled in. It's nice enough - the last thirty seconds save the song from being completely forgettable - but the use of a gospel choir, another ballad, and the clichéd themes put this in that oh so full box labelled 'reality acts'. Be original, Shayne.

* * (Shaun Kitchener)

A cynic would say that Simon Cowell loved "Unchained Melody" so much that "Stand By Me" is the modern interpretation he concocted. In actuality, Shayne does a solid job with the song vocally, but the song is so predictable, typical and safe that it is difficult to get excited about.

* * (Paul Matthews)

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