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Released: 26th June 2006.

Mary J. Blige feat. Brook - Enough Cryin'The third single from Mary's big comeback album "The Breakthrough" is kind of reminiscent of her last album "Love & Life". Much more in the hip-hop vein than her last two singles, it's a great choice for a release. Mary's passionate vocals add real strength to the song which, like others before, talks about being strong through a break up. It's not as commercial sounding as her previous hit "One", but should carry on her recent fortunes and provide her with another hit.

* * * * (SholasBoy)

Mary impressed with the catchy and successful "Be Without You" and showed wonderful vocal skills on the "One" collaboration with U2. Unfortunately she's now decided to release one of her forgettable songs, so similar to previous releases that you can barely tell it belongs to a singer with almost 15 years experience. Not a bad track as such, there's just nothing exceptional about it.

* * (CitruZ)

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