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Released: 27th August 2001.

Blue - Too CloseThis R&B/pop group have had an impressive start, with "All Rise" still getting almost as much airplay is it did prior to release. This new song is less poppy and more R&B, and seems to be aimed at a more adult audience with its explicit lyrics. The singing, which is of course the most important thing, is strong, and the song is very catchy. Blue may well be able to pick up where Another Level left off, and could become even more successful.

* * * * (Melissa Baines)

Blue follow up the massive "All Rise" with this hugely disappointing single. It's a cover of the Next classic which flopped when released over here, and you can see why. There is an annoying girl's voice singing on the track too, which doesn't help the song. No doubt Top 5, but if this is the best they can come up with, Planet Pop won't have enough room for them.

* (Luke Walker)

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