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Released: 3rd July 2006.

Paolo Nutini - Last RequestScottish born Paolo Nutini may be just 19, but in this, his debut single, his mature voice is reminiscent of much more accomplished singers. This is a heartfelt song with very delicate and precise vocals, which puts him miles ahead of the likes of James Blunt and Daniel Powter. I think this one will hang around for some time, so we may all be sick to death of it in a couple of months, but today it sounds very fresh, and should have no trouble making the UK Top 10.

* * * * * (SholasBoy)

Paolo Nutini - odd name, but brilliant guy. He's been gigging quite a bit for the past year, supporting Lee Ryan to name just one, but now he's got his own material coming out. "Last Request" is a triumphant debut and, whilst it's not quite garnered as much airplay as some of his contemporaries, it's still a brilliant investment for your CD collection either way.

* * * * (Alex MacGregor)

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