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Released: 27th August 2001.

Emma Bunton - Take My Breath AwayEmma Bunton releases a breezy summery tune that may not breathtaking, but is very nice nevertheless. It's nothing like the Spice Girls, and far from cheesy. A quality follow up to "What Took You So Long" which, as with the previous single, wouldn't be out of place on a Texas album. This is an example of how pop music should be done.

* * * * (Aneta Janssen)

Emma Bunton is releasing this single as it's her fans' favourite, but why would her fans choose such a bland song? After all the solo singles that the Spice Girls have released, this has to be one of the worst. It has no tune, and you'll forget it after it's been played. Emma could be going the same way as fellow Spice Melanie B if she continues to release songs like this.

* * (Jamie Smith)

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