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Released: 27th August 2001.

After much worldwide success, Lifehouse are finally unleashed on the UK market. "Hanging By A Moment" is undeniably American alternative rock at its best, following in the footsteps of Wheatus and early Matchbox 20. The vocals are just sublime, and convincingly prove that they do have some talent. These American alternative rock hits are usually just as big in the UK, so expect a huge splash on the charts.

* * * * (Matt Wilson)

America's latest rockers Lifehouse have already shot to the top of the charts in the US and Australia with their rock anthem "Hanging By A Moment". I guess you could say they are less rock that Limp Bizkit and more hip than Blink 182. The song is really well produced, and whether you like rock or not, you're bound to fall for this one!

* * * * (JamesCarter)

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