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Released: 17th July 2006.

Rihanna - UnfaithfulAfter the global success of "SOS", Rihanna has become very popular in the UK, scoring a Top 5 album. The follow up single "Unfaithful" changes tone from its predecessor, but is clearly up to its high standards. A contender for slow-burner of the year, the song's beat mimics a heartbeat, while the piano adds to the drama of this beautiful, almost acoustic song. Granted, Rihanna doesn't have the best voice, but it has a certain quality about it, evident in this song. The lyrics are deep and heartfelt, and I think Rihanna has another massive hit on her hands.

* * * * * (westhammer)

Christina Milian is probably kicking herself for turning down the opportunity to make "SOS" her own, as instead it was Rihanna who made it the chart smash it was earlier this year. With "Unfaithful", Rihanna has gone off on a tangent; she's left the sexy, toe-tapping numbers behind, instead opting for a, frankly, bland ballad with uninspiring and almost laughable lyrics. There's no denying that her voice is strong - in fact the only good point of the track is that it demonstrates an amazing vocal performance - but otherwise this is an unoriginal snoozefest which will probably be forgotten by the end of the year. A shame.

* * (Shaun Kitchener)

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