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Released: 27th August 2001.

Louise - Stuck In The Middle With YouLouise is back with this cover of the 1973 Stealer's Wheel classic, the first cut from her Greatest Hits album. The song itself is slick, but has an endearing roughness around the edges, furthered by Louise's strong but natural-sounding vocals. This should be a big hit, a possible No. 1 even, though it may be stopped in its tracks by Blue or Emma Bunton. Yes, it may be a cover, but it's still the best we've had from Louise. Who knows, it could do for her what "Whole Again" did for Atomic Kitten.

* * * * * (Chris Myers)

There is just one question about this - WHY? It's summer and the charts appear to be karaoke corner, but it's not like Louise to follow the herd. Her first solo offerings were inoffensive, but not bland, and her more recent material, although disappointing to some, gave her more substance. But with a wholly inappropriate video (a parody of "Reservoir Dogs"), this is taking her efforts to get away from a pre-teen audience too far.

* * * (Melissa Baines)

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