#14 Susanne Sundfør - Music for People in Trouble

Much like Miguel, Susanne Sundfør is one of those artists that never disappoint me, from whom I will always welcome a new album with joy, and Music for People in Trouble is no exception. The album sees a change in direction for Susanne's music: instead of the electronic sounds of her previous three albums, this is a return to her folk/acoustic roots, with piano and guitar-driven songs. The melodies are stunning, and the songs are by no means more simple than in her previous offerings. The more organic sound gives more space for her vocals and lyrics to shine in their beauty. It's an album of poetic beauty, that I would suggest to everyone that has a soft spot for classical music.

Must listen: Mantra, Reincarnation, The Sound of War, Undercover, No One Believes in Love Anymore, Mountaineers