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Thread: Japan Oricon OFFICIAL download chart

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    by 27-12-17, 10:19

    Several years after the rest of the world has already moved on to streaming (and Japan is as well, slowly) official Japanese chart company Oricon has FINALLY started releasing an official download chart.

    Note that these numbers are not included in the official singles chart, which is still solely based on physical cd sales, and therefore completely and utterly pointless both for Western acts and for gauging actual popularity instead of fanbase for Japanese acts. And, yes, it's just a top 30.

    Oricon notes that the numbers are taken from 6 digital music providers and from releases by 83 record labels. The numbers are NOT adjusted to reflect a nationwide value, so these should be taken at face value.

    Anyway, better late than never.

    There's been two charts now, so all totals in the link below are from these two weeks ONLY. I'll be posting in a friendly format here later.

    There's just one Western song in the whole top 30: Palace by Sam Smith at number 15.

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    by 13-01-18, 12:24

    I overlooked this. Thanks Nackar!

    About time... They're really late with this.
    In fact, it's a streaming chart what they're missing now. And a combined chart with both.

    I was looking at this week's Oricon downloads chart and it's pretty similar to the downloads chart published by Billboard Japan. Only a few songs in different spots or so. Do you know if both, Oricon and Billboard Japan, count the same online stores and have the same methodology?

    Honestly, I usually prefer Billboard Japan Hot 100 as it gives you a wider look into what's popular combining physical sales, downloads, streaming, airplay...

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