Over the last 4 weeks, there's been extensive arguments across our chart analysis forums, namely in two topics - the Christina Aguilera - Liberation topic and the Madonna - Charts & Sales topic. We previously opted to deal with these issues informally, issuing formal warnings to those users. Clearly, some of them haven't learned.

In response to that, and following discussions with forum moderators, I will be issuing the below:

MrLeonix - banned for 7 days for trolling.

Despite previous warnings, both public and private, MrLeonix has elected to continue with his "hit & run" posting in the Christina topic. His most recent contributions have resulted in the Christina topic being locked a further time. There is a clear pattern to his posting in the Christina topics that we deem to be trolling. I'd also highlight that MrLeonix was part of the argument that raged in the Madonna topic.

Instinct - banned for 7 days for trolling.

I hold the view that Instinct knows exactly what he was doing in posting the content he opted to post in the Christina topic, purposely choosing to concentrate and (persistently) highlight Christina's lacklustre chart performance. In addition to receiving a formal warning 2 years ago for something similar, and much like MrLeonix, there is a clear pattern to his posting in the Christina topics that we deem to be trolling.

CandyShop - banned for 7 days for persistent sniping at the moderation team and contributing to arguments.

Despite having been issued a formal warning a week or so before, CandyShop has continued to argue with other users; their stan like conduct and persistent sniping at the moderation team is not welcome at UKMIX, hence a 7 day ban.

melodious - banned for 7 days for contributing to arguments.

Similar to CandyShop, melodious only popped up in the Madonna topic to stir trouble and contribute to the ensuing chaos.

Formal warnings have also been issued to two other users: Ewokguy15 & Floormachine.

Floormachine - engaging in the arguments and posting another user's social media account without their permission.

Ewokguy15 - engaging in the arguments, rather than allowing the moderation team time to sort the issues.

I'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that posting at UKMIX is not an entitlement, and if you persistently break the rules - you will receive bans up to and including permanent removal from our community. Whilst recognising that chart analysis discussions can often be contentious, we expect posters to participate in them in a respectful manner. Moving forward, should the same users continue to use the chart analysis forum as a battleground, I will revoke their access to it.

If you have any queries, please raise them with a moderator.