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Thread: aRat has been banned for 1 month

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    by 02-07-18, 01:44

    Despite a previous formal warning, aRat continued to troll particular artists, and has thus been banned for 7 days.

    Criticising artists at any given opportunity without contributing towards any sort of discussion is trolling, and when it is being targetted towards the same artists on a daily basis, it's a direct rule break.

    Let this be a reminder to anybody else who is on the verge of trolling.

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    by 31-08-18, 13:23

    The decision has been taken to issue a 1 month ban to aRat following the most recent in a series of inappropriate or offensive posts.

    I always get a bulge in my pants but I only have a moderately sized tool. Most of the time I don't mind but if I wear anything tight that bulge looks enormous and tacky. Does anyone else have this "problem"?
    Lol me and MR have so many dusty diva stans pressed. Could it be the youth running in your blood? Could it be the talent we possess? Could it be the streaming success? What exactly is it that gets their blood boiling?
    oh father I have evil seeds inside of me. I shall blast these seeds into you so your holy body can absorb them and purify them. Blessed be the lord. Amen.
    A Still Is Born is gonna collect dust
    I could practically list his entire posts for the last month or so, every one seems to in some way insult UKMIX, UKMIX members or fall foul of at least 1 rule - my least favourite thing to do as site Administrator is ban posters but 1 or 2 posters seem to be borderline trolling at the moment, it needs to stop. If you have any queries, please raise them privately with a moderator.

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