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Thread: Robbie Williams - Live In Las Vegas 2019

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    by Tue March 12th, 2019, 00:50

    Omg no I wanted him to open the show with Let Me Entertain You

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    by Wed March 13th, 2019, 00:59

    Everything goes absolutely great for Robbie during these concerts.

    Robbie Williams' Winning Opening Weekend in Las Vegas: 'The Fastest Sellout of My Career,' Says AEG Exec

    "In 2007, I was flying back from England on Virgin from a business trip and on the video, there was this wonderful performer who just knocked me out. And it was a guy named Robbie Williams, performing at the Royal Albert Hall, doing Sinatra covers. I was totally blown away," Gray says. "I got back and said, 'We have to hire Robbie Williams,' and it wasn't meant to be at that time. Many years later, Bobby comes to me and says, 'I have got this performer, he's a major star. I'm not sure you know who he is, but he is known all over the world. His name is Robbie Williams.' I said, 'I tried getting him in 2007, I couldn't get him.' Twelve years later, my dream is answered."
    And only 5-stars review on US ticketmaster:

    Incredible show. Vegas has never seen anything like Robbie. He put on a spectacular show with old Rat Pack tunes and some of his own old songs. I was pleased he didn't make it just another Robbie concert but rather made it a real Vegas event. The audience loved him and wasn't afraid to show it. America is finally going to realize what it's been missing all these years. I don't think they can ignore him any longer.

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    by Wed March 13th, 2019, 01:06

    I’m happy for his success, but I don’t think America is about to catch on. Ultimately you don’t give up stadiums to retire to Vegas

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