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Thread: My 2018 Year End Charts

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    by » Mon January 7th, 2019, 23:36

    Happy to see Lily's album do well, I feel like she didn't get the credit she deserves.

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    by » Wed January 9th, 2019, 07:09

    I really enjoyed reading your Reputation experiences. For me, it's still not one of Taylor's best, but sometimes I wonder if she's even capable of recording a bad album because even when she's quite some way off from her best, she's still pretty solid!

    If I had to group your top 50 albums, this is how I would do so:

    - Dirty Computer
    - Liberation
    - Meaning of Life

    - Cry Pretty
    - Queen
    - Reputation

    - Beautiful Trauma
    - Camila
    - Ctrl
    - Evolve
    - High as Hope
    - Lust for Life
    - Phoenix
    - Scorpion
    - Shawn Mendes
    - Sweetener
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    by » Wed January 9th, 2019, 11:58

    'For You' is a great song, love that it's basically a Rita solo with Liam Payne providing backing vocals . It is an inferior version of 'Touch It' by Ariana though!
    Your #1 is great, but I have to be in the mood to listen to it!

    Out of your albums, Lily and Ariana are the one's for me!

    Great countdown mate!

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    by » Sat January 12th, 2019, 20:56


    Good Top3 with a deserved #1. She really made such an impact when the song came out.

    As for the albums, there's a lot that I like...

    #49 Passenger - Runaway
    #46 Olly Murs - You Know I KNow
    #45 Janelle Monae - Dirty Computer
    #43 Florence + The Machine - High As Hope
    #41 Justin Timberlake - Man Of The Woods
    #40 David Guetta - 7
    #39 Helene Fischer - Live: Die Arena Tour
    #38 Christina Aguilera - Liberation
    #37 Drake - Scorpion
    #36 Camila Cabello - Camila
    #34 James Bay - Electric Light
    #31 Amy MacDonald - Woman Of The World
    #29 Alessia Cara - The Pains Of Growing
    #27 Alessia Cara - Know-It-All
    #26 Carrie Underwood - Cry Pretty
    #25 Charlie Puth - Voicesnotes
    #24 Nicki Minaj - QUEEN
    #23 Rita Ora - Phoenix
    #22 Bjork - Utopia
    #21 The weeknd - My Dear Melancholy,
    #19 Little Mix - LM5
    #18 Imagine Dragons - Origins
    #17 ALMA - Heavy Rules Mixtape
    #16 Eminem - Kamikaze
    #15 Maroon 5 - Red Pill Blues
    #14 Shawn Mendes - Shawn Mendes
    #12 Bebe Rexha - Expectations

    Happy with Bebe's high spot. Such an amazing pop album. Also surprisingly high spot for Carrie, even though "Cry Pretty" isn't as strong as her previous albums. Currently loving "Woman Of The World" by Amy MacDonald, that one will most likely make a much bigger impact on me in 2019.

    #07 Lily Allen - No Shame
    #06 Ariana Grande - Sweetener
    #05 Eminem - Revival
    #04 Kelly Clarkson - Meaning Of Life
    #03 Anne-Marie - Speak Your Mind
    #02 P!nk - Beautiful Trauma
    #01 Taylor Swift - Reputation

    Ok, so I like the whole Top10 Some great ones there, especially "Evolve", "Lust For Life", "Sweetener", "Speak Your Mind", "Beautiful Trauma" and "Reputation"... awesome pop albums! From the 2018 releases, "Sweetener" is definitely my favorite one from that list. "Speak Your Mind" was such a great debut album and I'm looking forward to her next releases, Anne-Marie is such a promising new artist!

    Fantastic countdown!

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    by » Sat January 12th, 2019, 22:43

    • Thanks for all the comments, again!

      So now that I posted the Top singles and Top albums, we're down to the last category: Top artists.
      As I already said, my charts are based on points. When a single charts at #1 on the weekly charts, it gets 40 points for that week. A song at #2 gets 39 points, a song at #3 gets 38 points and so on.
      The album charts are a little bit different: A #1 album gets 100 points, a #2 album gets 90 points and so on.

      At the end of the year, the points are added together and the artist with the most points takes the crown. So if you have a succesful album on my weekly charts, you already get lots of points. A succesful album isn't the key to a high year end position though.

      A quick flashback to the 2017 Year End Top 10:
      1. Amy MacDonald
      2. The Chainsmokers
      3. Imagine Dragons
      4. Bruno Mars
      5. Shakira
      6. Alicia Keys
      7. Lana Del Rey
      8. Calvin Harris
      9. Rihanna
      10. Katy Perry

      2018 - Top 100 Artists

      #100 Swae Lee 115 (Close To Me)
      #099 Diplo 115 (Close To Me)
      #098 Ellie Goulding 115 (Close To Me)
      #097 Helene Fischer 120 (Live: Die Arena Tour)
      #096 Christina Aguilera 120 (Liberation)
      #095 Justin Timberlake 123 (Man Of The Woods, Filthy)
      #094 BloodPop 124 (Friends)
      #093 Justin Bieber 124 (Friends)
      #092 Lorde 125 (Homemade Dynamite, Perfect Places)
      #091 Kygo 128 (Born To Be Yours)

      #090 Sigma 136 (Anywhere)
      #089 Zara Larsson 144 (Ruin My Life, Only You)
      #088 Vanessa Mai 145 (Schlager, Regenbogen, Nie Wieder)
      #087 Olly Murs 158 (You Know I Know, Moves)
      #086 Lil' Yachty 159 (Faking It)
      #085 Coldplay 159 (Live In Buenos Aires, Miracles (Someone Special))
      #084 Halsey 161 (Him And I, Sorry)
      #083 Tove Lo 165 (Out Of My Head)
      #082 Clean Bandit 189 (What Is Love?, I Miss You, Baby)
      #081 Madonna 190 (Rebel Heart Tour)

      #080 Nick Waterhouse 207 (Katchi)
      #079 Ofenbach 207 (Katchi)
      #078 Ozuna 211 (Taki Taki)
      #077 DJ Snake 211 (Taki Taki)
      #076 Florence + The Machine 217 (High As Hope, A Sky Full Of Songs)
      #075 Drake 219 (Scorpion, God's Plan)
      #074 Avicii 246 (Lonely Together)
      #073 Carrie Underwood 250 (Cry Pretty)
      #072 Maluma 255 (Clandestino)
      #071 Sam Smith (Promises, Baby You Make Me Crazy(

      #070 Giggs 270 (Trigger Bang)
      #069 French Montana 276 (Just Got Paid)
      #068 Ella Ryra 276 (Just Got Paid)
      #067 Bjork 280 (Utopia)
      #066 Beyoncé 285 (Walk On Water)
      #065 Avril Lavigne 286 (Head Above Water)
      #064 Major Lazer 296 (Let Me Live)
      #063 Mr Eazi 296 (Let Me Live)
      #062 Amanda 296 (Let Me Live)
      #061 N.E.R.D. 302 (Lemon)

      #060 Young Thug 308 (Havana)
      #059 The weeknd 310 (My Dear Melancholy,)
      #058 Thirty Seconds To America 310 (America)
      #057 Bastille 310 (Happier)
      #056 Bryson Tiller 322 (Wild Thoughts)
      #055 Dua Lipa 326 (One Kiss)
      #054 The Chainsmokers 326 (Sick Boy, Side Effects, Honest)
      #053 Mans Zelmerlöw 332 (Happyland)
      #052 Kehlani 350 (Done For Me, Faking It)
      #051 James Bay 360 (Electric Light, Just For Tonight, Pink Lemonade)

      #050 Normani 364 (Love Lies, Checklist)
      #049 Willy William 395 (Goodbye)
      #048 Jason Derulo 395 (Goodbye)
      #047 Shakira 403 (Clandestino, Me Enamore)
      #046 Future 432 (End Game)
      #045 Camila Cabello 438 (Camila, Havana)
      #044 Sade 486 (Flower Of The Universe, The Big Unknown)
      #043 Meghan Trainor 532 (Just Got Paid, No Excuses, Hey DJ)
      #042 Cheat Codes 538 (Only You)
      #041 Khalid 564 (Love Lies, Young Dumb & Broke)

      #040 Walk The Moon 574 (What If Nothing, One Foot, Kamikaze)
      #039 ALMA 576 (Heavy Rules Mixtape, Out Of My Head, Black Car)
      #038 Amy MacDonald 590 (Under Stars: Live In Berlin, Woman Of The World, Woman Of The World, Dream On, Automatic)
      #037 Selena Gomez 605 (Back To You, Taki Taki,Wolves)
      #036 Yungen 613 (Mind On It)
      #035 DJ Khaled 621 (Wild Thoughts, Dinero)
      #034 Dan Caplen 708 (These Days)
      #033 Macklemore 708 (These Days)
      #032 Charli XCX 726 (Girls, Out Of My Head, Boys, 1999)
      #031 Calvin Harris 738 (One Kiss, Promises, Faking It, Checklist)

      #030 Rihanna 749 (Wild Thoughts, Lemon, Sex With Me)
      #029 David Guetta 781 (7, Don't Leave Me Alone, Flames, Say My Name)
      #028 Jennifer Lopez 813 (Us, Dinero)
      #027 SZA 935 (CTRL, What Lovers Do, The Weekend (Funk Wav Remix))
      #026 Rudimental 1,036 (These Days, Let Me Live, Walk Alone)
      #025 Charlie Puth 1,044 (Voicesnotes, The Way I Am, How Long, Done For Me)
      #024 Lily Allen 1,100 (No Shame, Trigger Bang)
      #023 Lana Del Rey 1,130 (Lust For Life, Mariners Apartment Complex, Summer Bummer)
      #022 Liam Payne 1,193 (For You)
      #021 Sugarland 1,233 (Bigger, Babe)

      #020 Shawn Mendes 1,313 (Shawn Mendes, In My Blood, Nervous)
      #019 Little Mix 1,343 (LM5, Only You, Woman Like Me, Strip)
      #018 Marshmello 1,412 (Friends, Happier, Wolves)
      #017 Paloma Faith 1,518 (The Architect, Lullaby, Till I'm Done, Loyal, Crybaby, Warrior)
      #016 Ed Sheeran 1,718 (Happier, Perfect, End Game, River, Castle On The Hill)
      #015 Nicki Minaj 1,721 (Queen, Chun-Li, Goodbye, Woman Like Me, Bed)
      #014 Cardi B 1,754 (Invasion Of Privacy, Girls Like You, Girls, Dinero, Taki Taki, Finesse (Remix)), I Like It)
      #013 Bebe Rexha 1,795 (Expectations, Girls, I'm A Mess, Meant To Be, Say My Name, I Got You)
      #012 Sigala 2,033 (Brighter Days, Lullaby, Just Got Paid)
      #011 Maroon 5 2,091 (Red Pill Blues, Girls Like You, What Lovers Do, Wait)

      #010 Alessia Cara - 2,120 points

      charted with: The Pains Of Growing, Growing Pains, Trust My Lonely & Scars To Your Beautiful

      Alessia Cara was one of a few artists I discovered this year. Such a great singer, really true-to-life songs. I really like her album 'The Pains Of Growing'.

      #009 Imagine Dragoms - 2,166 points

      charted with: Evolve, Origins, Natural, Whatever It Takes, Next To Me, Born To Be Yours, Thunder & Zero)

      For a second consecutive year, Imagine Dragons are able to place themselves in the Year End Top 10 Artists. They had a great year and I'm really happy they already released a new album in November 2018.

      #008 Eminem - 2,171 points

      charted with: Revival, Kamikaze, Walk On Water, River, Killshot

      Eminem charted with two albums this year - and got plenty of points thanks to them. On the single charts, the singles didn't do quite as well as his former singles did!

      #007 Ariana Grande - 2,854 points

      charted with: Sweetener, No Tears Left To Cry, God Is A Woman, Bed, Breathin, thank u next

      2018 was really a good year for Ariana Grande in terms of success - also on my charts. This is her highest placing on my Year End charts!

      #006 Kelly Clarkson - 3,078 points

      charted with: Meaning Of Life, I Don't Think About You, Heat, Love So Soft

      JKelly Clarkson really did great at the very beginning of 2018 - her album 'Meaning Of Life' managed to top the charts almost half a year after its release - not many albums manage to do that on my charts.

      #005 Rita Ora - 3,430 points

      charted with: Phoenix, For You, Girls, Anywhere, Your Song, Let You Love Me, Lonely Together

      I didn't care for Rita Ora during her debut era, I just liked couple of songs. The songs that followed between 'Ora' and 'Phoenix' were not my thing either. With 'Your Song', she won me over though and still has to flop on my charts since 'Your Song' - every song off 'Phoenix' has managed to peak inside of the Top 5 on the weekly charts! A great year for Rita Ora!

      #004 Jess Glynne - 3,921 points

      charted with: Always In Between, I'll Be There, These Days, Mind On It, All I Am, Thursday[

      No surprise probably to see Jess Glynne so high on my Year End Charts. She had another great year on my weekly charts in 2018 - it already started right at the beginning with 'These Days' and continued with 'Mind On It', ' I'll Be There', 'All I Am' & 'Thursday'.

      #003 P!nk - 5,683 points

      charted with: Beautiful Trauma, Beautiful Trauma, What About Us, Secrets

      P!nk is one of my all time favorite artists so it's no surprise she is so high on my Year End Charts. I cannot wait to see her three times this year. July cannot come soon enough for me!

      #002 Anne-Marie 7,891

      charted with: Speak Your Mind, Friends, 2002, Heavy, Don't Leave Me Alone, Then, LEt Me Live, Ciao Adios, Perfect

      From having 2017's #1 Year End single, Anne-Marie continued having great success and places herself very high on the YEar End Charts 2018 aswell! Her album 'Speak Your Mind' is one of my favorites from 2018 and it was also the first one from last year I really looked forward to.

      #001 Taylor Swift 8,349

      charted with: Reputation, Look What You Made Me Do, ...Ready For It?, Babe, Delicate, End Game

      Taylor Swift broke a lot of records in 2018 - also on my weekly charts. Her album 'Reputation' became one of four albums to collect at least 5,000 points in total which means it's certified Diamond! It became one of the longest charting album of all time.
      Her hit single 'Look What You Made Me Do' became one of four songs to be certified 10x Platinum (=Diamond). It's one of six songs to chart for at least 70 weeks.
      She becomes only the third artist to collect at least 8,000 points in a year. Taylor Swift isn't a stranger to the Top Artist Year End Charts - she topped this chart back in 2015 already (with 5,996 points in total) - she becomes the second artist to top the Year End Charts for at least a second time (the other one is Adele who topped the charts three times - in 2011, 2012 and 2016). She is only the third artist to top all of my Year End Charts (the other ones are Adele who topped all charts in 2011 and Lorde in 2014).

      I can just repeat myself here, my fandom for Taylor Swift was probably at its peak in 2018. Not only because of her 'reputation' album, but I discovered so many gems in her discography. Almost every day, I had a new favorite song to listen to (although my favorite remains 'Begin Again'). I cannot wait for TS7.

      thanks for all the comments on my countdown.
      thank u, next.

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    by » Mon January 14th, 2019, 01:01

    Christina is so low!

    It's impressive that P!nk is so high considering she didn't release a new album this year, or any new music really. Also delighted to see Ariana, Kelly C, and Rita Ora in your top 10. Taylor Swift makes for an expected #1!
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    by » Mon January 14th, 2019, 01:53

    Glad to see the queen, Ariana, in your top 10!

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    by » Mon January 14th, 2019, 08:03

    Great to see Anne-Marie, Alessia and Kelly do so well in the chart, I love the Meaning of Life album.

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    by » Wed January 16th, 2019, 20:19

    I like around 95% of the artists on your list so I won't quote all of them. Let me just say that I love that high spot for Ariana Grande! Can't wait to see what 2019 will bring

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