Welcome to MariahMix!

You'll find detailed in this topic the rules and guidelines for discussions in this forum.

Why have we created MariahMix?

We’ve created MariahMix as a response to the growing community of Mariah “lambs” that now post at UKMIX and treat UKMIX as their destination for Mariah Carey related news. We’ve consulted with community members prior to making the decision to launch MariahMix and we hope that you all enjoy it! The moderation team plans to review the success of the forum in 3 months’ time and at that point, we will again seek your views around whether it works for you and any changes you might want.


  • The wider UKMIX rules will apply to discussions that take place in MariahMix – you can familiarise yourselves with our community guidelines by clicking here.
  • Only those that have purchased premium membership will have the ability to open new topics in MariahMix – however, all posters regardless of membership status, will be able to contribute and post in existing topics.
  • To keep the forum fresh and with the most up to date content, the default display for the forum will only display topics that have had a response within the last 4 weeks – if you wish to view older topics, you can modify the display settings at the bottom of the forum to suit your individual needs.
  • There will be overlaps in discussions but as a general rule of thumb: all Mariah single and album discussion topics should be posted in MariahMix, all Mariah news topics should be posted in MariahMix but all Mariah chart discussion topics should be kept to our Chart Analysis forums.
  • The moderation team reserves the right to amend or add to these rules at any time.

Purchasing premium membership will significantly enhance your forum experience, along with helping to fund the site and ensuring that UKMIX continues for many years to come – if you’re interested in purchasing premium membership, please click here (insert link) for instructions on how to do it.

If you have any queries, please raise them with the forum moderator bm08.