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Thread: Celine Dion - Courage

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    by » Today, 08:55

    Finally done with my first spin.

    I'm just a casual listener when it comes to Céline - and that's exactly why I'm exhausted! 20 songs / 71 minutes is quite long and the album is very samey to my ears & there are too many ballads. With just 12 songs with the same mood this would have been a strong pop album to me, but that way it goes on for way too long and that makes the whole listening experience - at least to me - very exhausting. However, she did a fantastic job at picking songs that are modern yet also typical Céline. Her voice is still incredible and the production is really good. I would love if my favorite artists would put out an album with that many new tracks, so I can only imagine how fans of Céline may feel with this

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    Listening for the first time, it's too long and i'm a bit bored. First three songs released are the best on the album. Hope the rest is grower.
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