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Thread: The Official ... Book Series

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    by Ľ Tue October 29th, 2019, 16:19

    Char****ch is being censored by the UKMix automatic swear filter (or at least it is for me). The filter sees a four letter swear word there. Chart Watch isn't censored though...

    I wonder if S****horpe is censored as it used to be on many boards years ago...

    Edit: yes it is. If anyone lives in the DN15, DN16 or DN17 postcode areas of North Lincolnshire the name of the town has been censored!

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    by Ľ Tue October 29th, 2019, 17:47

    Re: the 1969 Christmas/year end, missing/frozen chart, thanks KoS + Mr. Tibbs. That all makes sense, even as discrepancies abound, ha.

    I found a few other tidbits of info. Even though RR didnít have or publish a new or frozen BMRB chart for 3 Jan 70, the BBC played it on the 4 Jan broadcast of Pick of the Pops, so it was out there. A poster on Popscene documents the Top 20 which was played, and it agrees with the 3 Jan 70 BMRB chart. The 28 Dec 69 POTP show (also posted on Popscene) was a playing of almost every Top 3 hit of the year. A note at the end reads:

    ďAt the end of the show Alan mentioned that next Sunday the chart would be covering two weeks - therefore the last Top 3 of the year - Archies, Kenny Rogers & Rolf Harris - (and some Top 3s he missed that dropped down - Tremeloes at no.14 & Stevie Wonder at no.6) would then be played.Ē

    Not clear about what this note means, was the chart going to be a combo of 2 weeks of record sales? Or were they freezing a week? The record positions quoted are from the 3 Jan 70 chart. Did Alan actually say which records (at which positions) would be played on the next show, or was this extra info added by the poster? Did POTP already have sales info on 28 Dec 69 for the upcoming week ending on 3 Jan 70? I actually found a recording of the 28 Dec 69 POTP 2 hour show online, but the last 3 minutes with Alanís end of show comments were cut off, ugh!

    The last 2 Top of the Pops shows from 1969 are documented on Popscene, they both feature the #1ís of the year. Part 1 is wiped/lost, but Part 2 supposedly exists in audio somewhere. Maybe they mentioned something about the current chart week ending 27 Dec 69?

    The first 2 TOTP shows from 1970 are lost/wiped, 1 Jan 70 + 8 Jan 70. Songs played are documented, but chart positions as shown on Popscene canít be trusted 100% as most times they were added later from other documents that were sometimes in error.

    So if the 27 Dec 69 BMRB chart was indeed frozen for 3 Jan 70, then Tony Jasperís book is wrong, and we need to get out our red pens and mark it up. I do find it strange that Billboard had a whole extra week to gather and print the week ending 27 Dec 69 BMRB chart for their 3 Jan 70 issue, but they instead repeated the previous 20 Dec 69 BMRB chart.

    Thanks again all !!!

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    by Ľ Wed November 6th, 2019, 15:23

    Anyone got any idea as to when the Official Chart Book on the Nineties is gonna appear on Amazon ? It must be due.

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    by Ľ Wed November 6th, 2019, 15:47

    I think the plan was one a month? So whenever the 70’s came out in October that might be the same sort of timescale. So maybe around the 17-20 mark. But your right soon I hope. - for the latest are best chart book - By Decade!
    Now including NME, Record Mirror and Melody Maker from the UK and some Billboard charts

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