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Thread: 2019 VMA Awards

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    by Yesterday, 07:30

    Quote Originally Posted by GetBack View Post
    Lizzo already performed at the MTV Movie and TV Awards.

    Miley flopped that's why she missed out on the nods. If her singles were at least top ten hits, she would have been nominated.

    I doubt that they will have R&B performers, they never even bothered with Rock acts for quite some now despite having the Best Rock Video.
    Nah, I'm 99% sure Normani is performing, as well as Blackpink. They're probably waiting until the last minute.

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    by Today, 00:50

    Looks like they are going full force by bringing back awards! Even Best Group (formerly Best Group Video) is on back now. I guess that is an automatic KPOP appreciation award and we can expect one to do the speech while the rest look puzzled on stage.

    The Miley divorce got her last minute nods!

    I think the last confirmed ones to perform might be Miley, Cardi B and Ariana.

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