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Thread: ABBA :: Charts & Sales History

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    by » Sat September 14th, 2019, 13:09

    Germany Official Download Albums Chart
    ABBA Gold Tw 42 - Lw 25

    Belgium - Main Top 200 Albums Chart

    Gold - Tw 130 - Lw 89 - WOC 107
    MM - Tw out Lw - 110 WOC 41
    MM2 - Tw 185 - Lw out - WOC 56
    18 Hits Abba - Tw out - Lw out - WOC 3

    Back Catalogue Singles Top 50
    Dancing Queen Tw 08 - Lw out WOC 39
    Waterloo Tw 26 - Lw out WOC 04
    Franco Chart
    ABBA Gold - Tw out - Lw out - WOC 93
    ABBA 18 Hits Tw 193 - Lw 162 WOC 16
    Back Catalogue Singles Top 50
    Dancing Queen Tw 49 - Lw out WOC 32

    Austria Official Top 75 Album Chart

    ABBA Gold Tw 63 - Lw 50 - WOC 454

    Irish Official Top 100 Album Chart
    ABBA Gold Tw 26 - Lw 25 - WOC 556
    MM2 Tw 77 - Lw 77- WOC 61
    MM Tw out - Lw out -WOC 66
    Swiss Official Top 100 Album Chart
    ABBA Gold Tw 90 - Lw 43 WOC 534

    Australia Official Top 50

    Catalogue Albums Chart
    Abba Gold Tw 25 - Lw 28

    Music DVDs Chart
    Abba The Definitive Collection
    Tw 37 - Lw out WOC 251

    Dvd Music video Chart
    Abba Gold Tw - 49 Lw 27 WOC 210
    Abba in Concert Tw out Lw WOC 106

    Main Albums Chart
    ABBA Gold Tw 45 - Lw 35 WOC 906
    MM2 Tw 70 - Lw 56 WOC 61
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    by » Sat September 14th, 2019, 13:33


    United Kingdom

    iTunes: Songs
    582. Gimme Gimme Gimme
    725. Mamma Mia
    926. Dancing Queen
    999. Super Trouper
    1387. Waterloo
    1469. Honey, Honey

    iTunes Albums:
    40. Gold: Greatest Hits
    93. Gold: Greatest Hits

    Apple Music Albums:
    171. Gold: Greatest Hits
    735. Gold: Greatest Hits

    iTunes: Top 200 Songs
    1. Take a Chance On Me
    2. Knowing Me, Knowing You
    Papua New Guinea

    iTunes Albums:
    5. Gold: Greatest Hits
    26. Gold: Greatest Hits (Deluxe Edition)

    Apple Music Albums:
    51. Gold: Greatest Hits
    52. Gold: Greatest Hits

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    by » Sat September 14th, 2019, 13:56

    Worldwide iTunes Album Chart ( Daily Positions)
    ABBA Gold Greatest Hits

    24 -12th September 2019
    38 -13th
    35 -14th
    31 -15th
    21 -16th
    38 -17th
    52 -18th
    42 -19th
    37 -20th
    34 -21th
    34 -22th
    28 -23th
    26 -24th
    38 -25th
    20 -26th
    32 -27th
    14 -28th
    14 -29th
    15 -30th
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    by » Sat September 14th, 2019, 17:59

    Some great footage about ABBA's 1979 tour taking them to Edmonton, Canada:

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    by » Sat September 14th, 2019, 20:27

    I've just listened to a recording of Bjorn's BBC Radio 2 Interview, with Graham Norton. (From this morning
    - Saturday 14th).

    I kept stopping the recording to make Notes.

    Here is what I've written.

    1)... Graham Norton asked Bjorn, if he's seen his ABBAtar. He said that he's seen the 85% of it that is
    finished. It is how he looked in 1979.

    2)... Asked about the 2 New Songs, Bjorn said that 'I Still Have Faith in You' was 'Timeless' and a 'Ballad'.
    The 2nd Song is 'Almost Disco' and '70's sounding', and that is 'Don't Shut Me Down'.

    3)... Graham said that it is a long time since ABBA first announced that they'd recorded them.
    That they are now 'Old' Songs. Bjorn said that he'd told the World about them too soon. He called
    them 'Unheard Songs'. That we'll get them: 'Next Year'.

    4)... Bjorn was asked if ABBA 'Kept going', (recording New Songs), after they recorded the 2, in
    June 2017. Was there going to be a New ABBA Album?

    Bjorn said: 'I don't think so. You never know. There could be a few others. We'll see. We had fun'.

    5)... He was asked if ABBA were re-recording any 'Old' ABBA Songs, for The ABBAtars to 'Sing'.
    Bjorn said 'No'.

    6)... Graham asked if The ABBAtars are to Tour. Bjorn said 'No'. They will be in one place. ABBA Fans
    will have to travel to see them.

    Bjorn said that the other Members of ABBA had asked him not to reveal 'too much' about The ABBAtars

    7)... Graham asked if ABBA were tempted to do a Concert. Bjorn said that none of ABBA want to do that.
    He said that even 1 Night, (of a Concert), takes a lot of energy. ABBA just have no desire to perform.
    It will not happen. Graham said that Fans would not mind if ABBA did a Concert sitting down. Bjorn was
    not interested...

    8)... Graham said that he thinks that ABBA will see The ABBAtars performing, getting 'A lot of love'
    from Audiences, and they will get the desire back to go back on Stage themselves. Bjorn said that it
    will not happen.

    9)... He was asked when the NBC/BBC Global ABBA TV Special was to be shown. Bjorn said that
    it is probably not going to be made. That ABBA were still deciding how they would 'Launch'
    The ABBAtars. (The 'Launch' was originally going to be via that TV Special. That was due to be
    Broadcast on Tuesday 18th December 2018. Now, it will never be made).

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    by » Sun September 15th, 2019, 08:32

    There was also some mention of ABBA gold being replaced as ABBA platinum with the 2 new songs added. I dont recall whether Bjorn agreed or no.

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    by » Mon September 16th, 2019, 22:38

    Thanks Justin.

    I've now written down, what was said about 'ABBA Platinum'. It is clear to me - by his tone of voice
    - that Graham Norton has been told, that there will be an 'ABBA Platinum' release, in 2020. Most
    likely, one of his Universal Music Contacts has told him. Of course, Bjorn knows about the plan, but
    he obviously feels that he should not confirm it, at this stage.

    So, it looks like we will not be getting an entire New ABBA Album, but 'ABBA Platinum', with the 'Gold'
    CD in it, plus at least one more CD added. The 2nd CD will include some New ABBA Songs. It could be
    as low as 2, or maybe as high as 4 or 5. It may be a Triple CD, as that is what usually goes into 'Platinum'
    Compilations - 3 CD's. That is what is included in Queen's hugely successful 'The Platinum Collection' CD,
    from 2000. That has Queen's 3 'Hits' Albums in it. Each has 17 Tracks, so their Collection has 51 Tracks.
    I know that ABBA released the 3 CD, (59 Track), 'Gold', in 2014, but there was not a note of New ABBA
    Music in that. A 2020 ABBA 'Platinum' Compilation, will have some New Songs in it. That will be the
    attraction of it, for ABBA Fans...

    So, here is Graham Norton's Question, at the 11:30 Minute mark, in the BBC Radio Interview:

    Graham - 'ABBA Gold' will be re-issued as 'ABBA Platinum', next Year, featuring the New Songs?'

    Bjorn - (Hesitating, before answering) - 'False, as far as I know'.

    Graham, in a sort of sly, knowing voice - 'It's sort of true, though isn't it?.

    Then Graham laughs loudly and adds - 'There's something close to true about that'.

    Bjorn - 'I didn't say that'.

    Graham - 'No you didn't. I did'.



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    by » Tue September 17th, 2019, 16:37

    USA Billboard
    Top Album Sales
    The week of September 21, 2019
    TW LW 2W WOC Artist
    83 78 77 192 ABBA Gold Greatest Hits
    Catalog Album Sales
    TW LW 2W WOC
    20 24 18 534 ABBA Gold Greatest Hits
    34 38 31 116 ABBA 20th Century Master's
    Source; thanks to Brian DamageII

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    by » Wed September 18th, 2019, 13:13


    United Kingdom

    339. Gimme Gimme Gimme
    363. Dancing Queen
    430. Mamma Mia
    850. Does Your Mother Know
    968. When All Is Said and Done
    1335. The Winner Takes It All
    1421. Voulez-Vous
    1424. Chiquitita
    1433. Super Trouper
    1438. Lay All Your Love On Me
    1454. One of Us

    iTunes Albums:
    45. Gold: Greatest Hits
    118. Gold: Greatest Hits

    Apple Music Albums:
    205. Gold: Greatest Hits
    850. Gold: Greatest Hit
    Later today

    United Kingdom

    258. Dancing Queen
    366. Gimme Gimme Gimme
    461. Mamma Mia
    627. Fernando
    746. Waterloo
    751. Does Your Mother Know
    925. Voulez-Vous
    928. Super Trouper
    1186. The Winner Takes It All

    iTunes Albums:
    44. Gold: Greatest Hits
    141. Gold: Greatest Hits
    741. Arrival

    Apple Music Albums:
    187. Gold: Greatest Hits
    861. Gold: Greatest Hits

    . iTunes Songs
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    by » Wed September 18th, 2019, 16:43

    Don't know whether of importance but I have just noticed that a 4th song went over 100M streams on Spotify:

    1 - 302,456,091 - Dancing Queen - ( Arrival )
    2 - 129,076,677 - Mamma Mia - ( Abba )
    3 - 111,169,683 - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) - ( Voulez-Vous )
    4 - 101,515,805 - The Winner Takes It All - ( Super Trouper )
    5 - 90,117,682 - Take A Chance On Me - ( The Album )

    Abba currently has 10,970,702 monthly listeners; and this is the Top Five:

    Mexico City, MX = 205,219 LISTENERS
    Amsterdam, NL = 183,553 LISTENERS
    Santiago, CL = 147,513 LISTENERS
    Stockholm, SE = 140,904 LISTENERS
    Chicago, US = 117,301 LISTENERS

    If there is interest, I may update the whole Spotify streaming figures once per month (next: 1st October 2019 [reflecting September])

    As always, huge thanks to Guillaume and the team at ChartMasters

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    by » Wed September 18th, 2019, 17:14

    Thanks 'Trebor,
    for me, Very interesting..
    to read the ABBA related Spotify Stats!

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    by » Thu September 19th, 2019, 09:22

    We are definitely getting more New Songs from ABBA, than just 2 of them.

    Bjorn was on ITV News yesterday, (18th September).

    He was asked if ABBA had been into the Studio 'recently'. He admitted that they
    had. That, 'It is a work in progress'. The other 3 Members don't want him to say

    ABBA recorded the first 2 New Songs in June 2017. That's over 2 Years ago. So,
    he was not referring to them, when he said that ABBA had been into the Studio
    'recently'. He was saying that they'd been into the Studio in the last few Months...

    The Interview can be found on this Face Book Page:


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    by » Thu September 19th, 2019, 12:50

    Thanks Zeus555!
    Just when I thought the hope of a New ABBA Album was lost, with the recent denials from B&B
    Good 'Old Bjorn gives us a little more hope that we may eventually have more than Two New ABBA Songs!!!
    Yesterday there was a sudden spike in the number of ABBA Songs being downloaded on iTunes UK maybe Bjorn being on the UK TV is the explanation

    United Kingdom

    366. Gimme Gimme Gimme
    371. Fernando
    440. Dancing Queen
    858. Mamma Mia
    866. The Winner Takes It All
    875. Waterloo
    881. Does Your Mother Know
    984. When All Is Said and Done
    1448. Chiquitita
    1477. Knowing Me, Knowing You

    iTunes Albums:
    38. Gold: Greatest Hits
    106. Gold: Greatest Hit

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    by » Thu September 19th, 2019, 23:17

    Gosh.. I'm really really waiting for this to happen. But how much more we shall wait for it now? I'm really losing my mind for this long wait lol seriously its my all time no.1 wish, musicwise, that i love to happen.

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    by » Fri September 20th, 2019, 01:48

    Here is Bjorn - Wearing a 1970's 'Jump Suit'(!) - at the 'Opening' of 'Mamma Mia! - The Party'.
    (Thursday 19th September).

    Some Fans think that he looks unwell. Could he be ill? opening-night-Mamma-Mia-Party.html


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    by » Sat September 21st, 2019, 16:37

    how much has Gold sold in the UK thus far this year and wasn't it at nearly 5.6 million at the end of 2018 so it feasibly could receive a 19th platinum disc in the near future not the only album in the top 10 that's near an update Adele's 21 Oasis's What's The Story Morning Glory Michael Jackson's Thriller as are some albums on the cusp of the top 10 such as Adele's 25 should be close to 12 x platinum of course some of those albums also have milestone anniversaries in the next few years What's The Story Morning Glory turns 25 in 2020 Adele's 21 turns 10 in 2021 and Thriller turns 40 in November 2022
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    by » Sat September 21st, 2019, 23:21

    I understand there is an interview in the telegraph today where Bjorn states ABBA have recorded 5 songs...any news on that?

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    by » Sun September 22nd, 2019, 06:55

    Justin - In 'The Telegraph' Interview, it is not Bjorn, who says that ABBA have recorded 5 New Songs.

    It is 'The Telegraph' Journalist, Interviewing Bjorn, (Helen Brown), who says that ABBA have recorded
    5 New Songs. Bjorn does not confirm it. Then again, he does not deny it either...

    Here is that part of the Interview:

    Things are now so amicable that the band have reunited to record five new songs. Ulvaeus tells
    me that one track in particular, called I Still Have Faith In You, is about the “strong bonds” the four of
    them continue to share. “It was really quite amazing, being back in the studio. Like we never left.
    Although I’m not telling you when those new songs will be released because we’ve already missed
    too many dates!”

    Question -- Can anyone tell me the source of the ABBA Cover, that was heard on BBC1 last Night?
    (It made me embarrassed for ABBA!).

    Did anyone else see 2 of the Couples dancing to 'Honey Honey', on last Night's 'Strictly Come Dancing', on BBC1?

    I thought that they'd be dancing to ABBA's original. Or Sweet Dreams excellent 1974 Cover of it.

    However, the Cover, that they danced to was awful and weak!

    It does not even sound as strong as it did in the 1st 'Mamma Mia! Film.

    Has anyone any idea where it came from?

    Covers like that give ABBA Songs a bad reputation!

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    by » Sun September 22nd, 2019, 07:13

    Marcsgirl85 -- To W/E 26th September, 'ABBA Gold' has sold about 89,250 copies,
    this Year. It sells around 2,000 UK copies a Week, so it will pass the 91,000 mark,
    in next Friday's Chart - W/E 3rd October. It is obviously going to sell over 100,000
    by the end of the Year.

    It isn't far off a 19th UK Platinum Award. That would be 19 x 300,000 = 5,700,000.

    The OCC gave it: 'Over 5,580,000' UK Sales, in an On-Line Article, on Monday 22nd April.

    Counting next Friday's Chart - W/E 3rd October - there have been 23 Charts since then.
    At roughly 2,000 UK 'Gold' Sales a Week, that's 46.000 more Sales. Which gives it a Total
    of 5,626,000 Sales, to Date. Which is 74,000 less than the 5,700,000 that it needs for a
    19th UK Platinum Award.

    On Thursday August 8th, The OCC did another On-Line Article. This time they gave it
    5,450,000 UK Sales. Which is 130,000 less than they gave it in April. Counting next
    Friday's Chart, (W/E 3rd October), there have been 8 Charts since then. Giving it about
    16,000 more Sales - 5,466,000. Which means it needs 234,000 more Sales, to get a 19th
    Platinum Award. (It has been suggested that the April Total includes Streams and the one
    from August has no Streams in it).

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    by » Sun September 22nd, 2019, 07:27

    From Wikipedia

    The music for the dances are performed by The Strictly Come Dancing Band.

    The singers on the show are Tommy Blaize, Hayley Sanderson, Lance Ellington, Andrea Grant and formerly the well known UK dance music vocalist Tara McDonald. The music director is David Arch.

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    by » Sun September 22nd, 2019, 08:49

    Thanks Trebor.

    Here is an interesting Bjorn Interview, from Smooth Radio on Friday 20th September.

    He was Interviewed by Rory O'Connor.

    We are definitely going to get more than 2 New ABBA Songs. It is very clear by now. Bjorn
    cannot stop dropping hints about it...(There is a Video there too).


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    by » Sun September 22nd, 2019, 09:28

    Thanks for clarifying Colin, i was conducting an opera gala concert last night and a headline just appeared on my phone via the telegraph.."Bjorn confirms five new songs"

    I'm surprised a decent newspaper could be so sloppy about the truth in an interview.

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