Welcome to my first ever survivor! For this I chose So Uncool by Keke Palmer!

Keep It Movin'
The Game Song
Music Box
First Crush
Friend Me Up
How Will I Know
Bottoms Up
Skin Deep
Wake Up Call
Hood Anthem

Part 1

This survivor is going to be a bit different, first award 1 to 5 points to your 5 favourite songs on the album (5 being you favourite and 1 being your 5th favourite - the two songs with the lowest total will be eliminated! The song with the highest total will automatically be in the Semi-Final. You don't have to PM me your votes but a few PMs might make it more of a surprise!

Please Read
I thought I should tell you this, because it might confuse you! This type of voting will continue for the first three rounds and the remaining 3 songs will battle it out for semi final in round 4, then we should have 4 songs in our semi final. Rank them from 1 -4 (4 being your most favourite) the 2 songs with the highest total will go through to the final and the other 2 remaining songs will face eachother. Give your favourite 2 points and your least favourite one point, then the one with the most points will go through to the final, a poll and and 3-song-final so we'll have a Gold, Silver and a Bronze.

Sorry if this confused the heck outta you, I really wanted to make this survivor unique or unusual! But if it's too confusing let me know and i'll change it before Round 2, but i think it might be fun!