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Thread: Avril Lavigne

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    by Sun July 7th, 2019, 06:01

    LOL this Teens react video is kinda cringe, but cute at the same time. That one girl that kept going on about middle school was so extra, and the Troy kid "She had this song about Hello Kitty or something like WAY back in the day" OMG stop it that was only 5 years ago.

    I kinda felt like they didnt explain her slight change in sound that well though, from 2007 it was more that her image softened a little (the pink hair streak, and some of her outfits) than the music (which fed into the 'she's dead and they replaced her' conspiracy theory - which they did discuss).

    I mean she's had power ballads scattered throughout her career long before Head Above Water (which was the only change of pace apart from Complicated that they reacted to, the others were all her more pop/punk tracks (Sk8r Boi, Girlfriend, What The Hell) like I'm With You, When You're Gone, Keep Holding On, Wish You Were Here, Fall To Pieces etc.

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