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    by » Tue September 25th, 2018, 22:48 ... nge-uncut/

    The Rolling Stones have just announced details of an archive concert film release – Voodoo Lounge Uncut. Filmed on November 25th 1994 at Miami’s Joe Robbie stadium, this restored, remixed and remastered film contains ten previously unreleased performances and features guest appearances from Sheryl Crow, Robert Cray and Bo Diddley.

    On November 16th 2018 Sparks Will Fly, as Voodoo Lounge Uncut will be released on various audio/visual formats, including an exclusive red vinyl, triple album, only available at

    This new version also includes five bonus performances on all visual formats, that were not performed in Miami but filmed at an earlier show at the Giants Stadium in New Jersey, making this the definitive record of the Rolling Stones on the road, in the mid-nineties.


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    by » Thu March 14th, 2019, 17:21

    The Rolling Stones will release a new best-of compilation LP, Honk, on April 19th via Polydor/Interscope. The career-spanning project is available as a single-CD and 2-LP edition featuring 20 songs, along with a deluxe 3-CD/4-LP set with 46 cuts.

    Both versions boast eight top 10 singles (“Brown Sugar,” “Tumbling Dice,” “Angie,” “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It),” “Fool to Cry,” “Miss You,” “Emotional Rescue” and “Start Me Up”), along with classic album cuts (1971’s “Bitch,” 1973’s “Dancing With Mr. D”) and material from the band’s most recent studio record, 2016’s Blue & Lonesome. The deluxe package includes a full disc of 10 live tracks recorded during the band’s recent stadium tours — several guests appear, including Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl (on “Bitch”), Ed Sheeran (“Beast of Burden”), Brad Paisley (“Dead Flowers”) and Florence and the Machine’s Florence Welch (“Wild Horses”).

    The Welch-featured “Wild Horses,” which also appears on the single-CD version, is available with pre-orders of the album. They will also release two digital editions of the compilation in North America: the deluxe set at all streaming and download services, and the 20-track set at download services only.

    The U.S. leg of the Rolling Stones’ “No Filter” tour launches April 20th in Miami Gardens, Florida and wraps June 21st in Chicago, Illinois. The band is currently recording material for their next studio album.

    The Rolling Stones – Honk Deluxe 3-CD Track Listing

    Disc One

    1. “Start Me Up”
    2. “Brown Sugar”
    3. “Rocks Off”
    4. “Miss You”
    5. “Tumbling Dice”
    6. “Just Your Fool”
    7. “Wild Horses”
    8. “Fool To Cry”
    9. “Angie”
    10. “Beast Of Burden”
    11. “Hot Stuff”
    12. “It’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll (But I Like It)”
    13. “Rock And A Hard Place”
    14. “Doom And Gloom”
    15. “Love Is Strong”
    16. “Mixed Emotions”
    17. “Don’t Stop”
    18. “Ride ‘Em On Down”

    Disc Two

    1. “Bitch”
    2. “Harlem Shuffle”
    3. “Hate To See You Go”
    4. “Rough Justice”
    5. “Happy”
    6. “Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)”
    7. “One More Shot”
    8. “Respectable”
    9. “You Got Me Rocking”
    10. “Rain Fall Down”
    11. “Dancing With Mr D”
    12. “Undercover (Of The Night)”
    13. “Emotional Rescue”
    14. “Waiting On A Friend”
    15. “Saint Of Me”
    16. “Out Of Control”
    17. “Streets Of Love”
    18. “Out Of Tears”

    Disc Three – Live Tracks

    1. “Get Off My Cloud”
    2. “Dancing With Mr. D”
    3. “Beast Of Burden” (with Ed Sheeran)
    4. “She’s A Rainbow”
    5. “Wild Horses” (with Florence Welch)
    6. “Let’s Spend The Night Together”
    7. “Dead Flowers” (with Brad Paisley)
    8. “Shine A Light”
    9. “Under My Thumb”
    10. “Bitch (with Dave Grohl)”

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    by » Thu March 14th, 2019, 22:10

    Another compilation?
    They have been working on the album since about 2 years and there is still no news

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    by » Thu March 14th, 2019, 22:54

    I don't have a problem with a compilation, but somehow I think they rarely do a great one. This tracklisting sounds strange too.

    Grrr was fine, but sadly it can't be bought regularly anymore. :/
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    by » Fri April 5th, 2019, 16:53

    The previously unissued Rolling Stones concert film Bridges To Bremen has been confirmed for release by Eagle Vision on 21 June. It captures a complete 1998 show from the final leg of the band’s year-long tour in support of the Bridges To Babylon album, which went platinum or gold in many countries around the world.

    The set will be available on DVD, Blu-ray, digital, DVD + 2CD, Blu-ray + 2CD, triple vinyl and digital audio formats. It has been completely restored, remixed and remastered for the new release. In addition to the complete show at the Weserstadion in Bremen in northwestern Germany, all physical visual formats will feature four tracks from the Stones’ performances at Soldier Field in Chicago as bonus features.

    The Bridges To Babylon Tour was the first on which the band used a permanent B-stage feature, allowing fans in the middle of stadia a surprise close-up view. It also marked the first time that fans were able to vote on the Stones’ website for a favourite track to be added to the night’s set list: at the Bremen show, they opted for ‘Memory Motel.’

    Bridges To Bremen content

    Visual formats:

    1. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
    2. Let’s Spend The Night Together
    3. Flip The Switch
    4. Gimme Shelter
    5. Anybody Seen My Baby?
    6. Paint It Black
    7. Saint Of Me
    8. Out Of Control
    9. Memory Motel
    10. Miss You
    11. Thief In The Night
    12. Wanna Hold You
    13. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It)
    14. You Got Me Rocking
    15. Like A Rolling Stone
    16. Sympathy For The Devil
    17. Tumbling Dice
    18. Honky Tonk Women
    19. Start Me Up
    20. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
    21. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
    22. Brown Sugar
    Bridges To Chicago bonus performances:
    1. Rock And A Hard Place
    2. Under My Thumb
    3. All About You
    4. Let It Bleed

    Audio formats:

    (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
    Let’s Spend The Night Together
    Flip The Switch
    Gimme Shelter
    Anybody Seen My Baby?
    Paint It Black
    Saint Of Me
    Out Of Control
    Memory Motel
    Miss You
    Thief In The Night
    Wanna Hold You
    It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It)
    You Got Me Rocking
    Like A Rolling Stone
    Sympathy For The Devil
    Tumbling Dice
    Honky Tonk Women
    Start Me Up
    Jumpin’ Jack Flash
    You Can’t Always Get What You Want
    Brown Sugar

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    by » Tue April 30th, 2019, 22:47

    The Rolling Stones will reissue their famed Rock and Roll Circus concert as a massive multi-media box set June 7th via ABKCO.

    The Stones hosted the Rock and Roll Circus in December 1968, performing alongside an all-star lineup that also featured the Who, Yoko Ono, Jethro Tull, Taj Mahal, Marianne Faithfull and the impromptu supergroup the Dirty Mac, comprising John Lennon, Keith Richards, Mitch Mitchell and Eric Clapton. Director Michael Lindsay-Hogg filmed the performance for a planned BBC special, though it never aired due to Brian Jones’ departure from the band and eventual death soon after (the show marked his last public performance with the Stones). It wasn’t until 1996 that Rock and Roll Circus was officially released.

    The Rock and Roll Circus reissue will feature remastered audio and video from the original concert, and a version of the Stones performing “Parachute Woman” is available to stream. The track list will also include some bonus material like three additional Taj Mahal songs and never-before-heard recordings of the Dirty Mac performing the Beatles’ “Revolution” and a “Warmup Jam.” The film will also feature new commentary tracks from Richards, Mick Jagger, Lindsay-Hogg, Ono, Faithfull and cinematographer Tony Richmond, plus an on-camera interview with Pete Townshend.

    The new Rock and Roll Circus box set is available to pre-order and will be released in several formats, including a three-LP set that marks the first time the soundtrack has been released on vinyl. The deluxe edition will boast a two-CD soundtrack, as well as versions of the film on DVD and Blu-ray. The box set will also feature a 44-page book with David Dalton’s essay about the event for Rolling Stone, plus photographs by Michael Randolf.

    Track List

    The Film
    “Song For Jeffrey” – Jethro Tull
    “A Quick One While He’s Away” – The Who
    “Ain’t That A Lot Of Love” – Taj Mahal
    “Something Better” – Marianne Faithfull
    “Yer Blues” – The Dirty Mac
    “Whole Lotta Yoko” – Yoko Ono & Ivry Gitlis, and The Dirty Mac
    “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” – The Rolling Stones
    “Parachute Woman” – The Rolling Stones
    “No Expectations” – The Rolling Stones
    “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” – The Rolling Stones
    “Sympathy for the Devil” – The Rolling Stones
    “Salt Of The Earth” – The Rolling Stones

    Widescreen Feature, Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (65 min)
    Pete Townshend Interview, Aspect Ratio: 4×3 (18 min)
    The Dirty Mac:
    “Yer Blues” Tk2 Quad Split, Aspect Ratio: 4×3 (5:43)
    Taj Mahal:
    -“Checkin’ Up On My Baby,” Aspect Ratio: 4×3 (5:37)
    -“Leaving Trunk,” Aspect Ratio: 4×3 (6:20)
    -“Corinna,” Aspect Ratio: 4×3 (3:49)
    Julius Katchen:
    -“de Falla: Ritual Fire Dance,” Aspect Ratio: 4×3 (6:30)
    -“Mozart: Sonata In C Major-1st Movement,” Aspect Ratio: 4×3 (2:27)
    Mick & The Tiger/ Luna & The Tiger, Ratio: 4×3 (1:35)
    Bill Wyman & The Clowns, Aspect Ratio: 4×3 (2:00)
    Lennon, Jagger, & Yoko backstage, Aspect Ratio: 4×3 (45sec)

    Film Commentary Tracks
    — Life Under The Big Top (Artists) Featuring: Mick Jagger, Ian Anderson, Taj Mahal, Yoko Ono, Bill Wyman, Keith Richards (65 min)
    — Framing The Show (Director & Cinematographer) Featuring: Michael Lindsay Hogg, Tony Richmond (65 min)
    — Musings (artists, writer, fan who was there) Featuring: Marianne Faithfull, David Dalton, David Stark (50 min)

    The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus Expanded Audio Edition
    1. Mick Jagger’s Introduction Of Rock And Roll Circus – Mick Jagger
    2. “Entry Of The Gladiators” – Circus Band
    3. Mick Jagger’s Introduction Of Jethro Tull – Mick Jagger
    4. “Song For Jeffrey” – Jethro Tull
    5. Keith Richards’ Introduction Of The Who – Keith Richards
    6. “A Quick One While He’s Away” – The Who
    7. “Over The Waves” – Circus Band
    8. “Ain’t That A Lot Of Love” – Taj Mahal
    9. Charlie Watts’ Introduction Of Marianne Faithfull – Charlie Watts
    10. “Something Better” – Marianne Faithfull
    11. Mick Jagger’s and John Lennon’s Introduction Of The Dirty Mac
    12. “Yer Blues” – The Dirty Mac
    13. “Whole Lotta Yoko” – Yoko Ono & Ivry Gitlis with The Dirty Mac
    14. John Lennon’s Introduction Of The Rolling Stones + Jumpin’ Jack Flash – The Rolling Stones
    15. “Parachute Woman” – The Rolling Stones
    16. “No Expectations” – The Rolling Stones
    17. “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” – The Rolling Stones
    18. “Sympathy for the Devil” – The Rolling Stones
    19. “Salt Of The Earth” – The Rolling Stones
    20. “Checkin’ Up On My Baby” – Taj Mahal
    21. “Leaving Trunk” – Taj Mahal
    22. “Corinna” – Taj Mahal
    23. “Revolution” (rehearsal) – The Dirty Mac
    24. “Warmup Jam” – The Dirty Mac
    25. “Yer Blues” (take 2) – The Dirty Mac
    26. Brian Jones’ Introduction of Julius Katchen – Brian Jones
    27. de Falla: Ritual Fire Dance – Julius Katchen
    28. Mozart: Sonata In C Major-1st Movement – Julius Katchen

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    by » Sat May 18th, 2019, 19:51

    New rescheduled dates for the NoFilter tour!

    June 21 – Chicago, IL @ Soldier Field

    June 25 – Chicago, IL @ Soldier Field

    June 29 – Ontario, Canada @ Burl’s Creek

    July 3 – Washington, DC @ FedExField

    July 7 – Foxboro, MA @ Gillette Stadium

    July 14 – New Orleans, LA @ Mercedes-Benz Superdome

    July 19 – Jacksonville, FL @ TIAA Bank Field

    July 23 – Philadelphia, PA @ Lincoln Financial Field

    July 27 – Houston, TX @ NRG Stadium

    Aug. 1 – East Rutherford, NJ @ MetLife Stadium

    Aug. 5 – East Rutherford, NJ @ MetLife Stadium

    Aug. 10 – Denver, CO @ Broncos Stadium at Mile High

    Aug. 14 – Seattle, WA @ CenturyLink Field

    Aug. 18 – Santa Clara, CA @ Levi’s®️ Stadium

    Aug. 22 – Pasadena, CA @ The Rose Bowl

    Aug. 26 – Glendale, AZ @ State Farm Stadium

    Aug. 31 – Miami, FL @ Hard Rock Stadium

    isn't that too early after his procedure?

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    by » Wed September 11th, 2019, 19:55

    Rolling Stones Announce ‘Let It Bleed’ 50th-Anniversary Edition

    The Rolling Stones will celebrate the golden anniversary of one of their best albums with a Let It Bleed (50th Anniversary Edition) box.

    The limited-edition set features two LPs and two HybridSuper Audio CDs, newly remastered in stereo and mono by Bob Ludwig. It also includes a replica 7" single of "Honky Tonk Women" / "You Can’t Always Get What You Want," which was released months before the album, in its original picture sleeve.

    The box is rounded out with three 12” x 12” hand-numbered replica-signed lithographs; a 23” x 23” poster featuring art from the original 1969 record; and an 80-page hardcover book that includes previously unpublished photos by the Stones' tour photographer, Ethan Russell.

    The remastered stereo version of Let It Bleed will also be released on CD, as a vinyl LP and digitally. You can watch an unboxing of the set, available on Nov. 1, below.

    Let It Bleed was released in late November 1969, as the '60s were winding down. It was the second album in the Rolling Stones' career-best run that stretched into the early '70s and also included Beggars Banquet (1968), Sticky Fingers (1971) and Exile on Main St. (1972). In a way, the album represented the end of the long, hard decade, as themes of disillusionment and a looming apocalypse prevail.

    The band's free concert at Altamont Speedway in Tracy, Calif., on Dec. 6 – in which an audience member was stabbed to death by a Hells Angel, the biker group hired as security for the event – pretty much tied Let It Bleed's dark tone to the end of the brutal '60s.

    It remains a highlight of the Stones' career, a milestone work that carried the band from one glorious decade into another and includes the classic tracks "Gimme Shelter," "You Can't Always Get What You Want," "Midnight Rambler," "Let It Bleed," "Love in Vain," "Monkey Man" and "You Got the Silver." You can see the track listing for the 50th Anniversary Limited Deluxe Edition below.

    “When we did the first Let It Bleed remaster in 2002, our intention was to pay homage to the original work,” said Ludwig, who also had a hand in remastering other classic Stones albums over the years. “When we did this new version, the purpose was to make it as great as it could possibly sound. If you listen on a good set of speakers or good headphones, you’ll hear subtle things in the background that are now much more clear that were somewhat hidden before.”

    You can watch a new lyric video for the remastered version of "Monkey Man" below.

    The Rolling Stones, 'Let It Bleed (50th Anniversary Limited Deluxe Edition)' Track Listing

    LP 1 - Stereo
    Side 1
    1. "Gimme Shelter"
    2. "Love In Vain"
    3. "Country Honk"
    4. "Live With Me"
    5. "Let It Bleed"
    Side 2
    1. "Midnight Rambler"
    2. "You Got the Silver"
    3. "Monkey Man"
    4. "You Can’t Always Get What You Want"

    LP 2 - Mono

    Hybrid Super Audio CD 1 - Stereo

    Hybrid Super Audio CD 2 - Mono

    7” vinyl single - (Mono)
    Side A – "Honky Tonk Women"
    Side B – "You Can’t Always Get What You Want"

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